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Why is Ejyotish Required?

Astrology facilitates predictions about the human life based on sun sings, date of birth and position of stars at the time of birth in a scientific way to provide remedies for leading a peaceful and happy life. Undeniably, human life would be full of tensions and problems

Astrology is a relief for the people to find a solution for their problems be it related to the job, marriage or court cases. Astrology is a study of movements and positions of celestial objects. These movements will predict the future of an individual.

Astrology is playing a pivotal role in many cultures, especially in Indian culture since ages. People will consult an astrologer prior to taking any important decision related to life to find out the auspicious time to initiate it.

Strong beliefs
precede strong results

Religious beliefs play a crucial role in the life of humans. Every individual wants to lead a healthy and happy life. The best way to seek spiritual help is to consult an astrologer. Everyone is inquisitive to know about their future and one of the best ways to know about the future is through Jyotish vidya. This plays an important role in everyone's life. This gives a hope for the people to believe that things would fall into place soon. After the birth of a child, people starts to create Kundli which includes all the important phases of his/her life including name, studies, marriage, wealth, travel, home, job, the start of new business, etc

There is a strong belief that taking the advice of an astrologer prior to starting a business or any other work would let them attain success in life. More importantly, people irrespective of religion would consult an astrologer to find a solution for all their life problems. Many people approach their family astrologer while a few who started believing this would search online to find the best astrologers. There are equally fake and professional astrologers available. However, consulting a wrong one would make the life of a person miserable with wrong predictions. To avoid falling prey to fake ones, it is important to bring both seeker and provider under one umbrella. There is no such app to find priest and astrologers

We believe that there is a need for such service and thus developed an app known as Ejyotish to provide quality service to the people who believe in astrology. We have gathered the best and certified astrologer's list and added to the database and created a web portal and mobile app. With this app, people can easily find an astrologer at their fingertips in a jiffy. Also, new astrologers and priests can subscribe to this app to get new customers for their business.

Undeniably, it has become cumbersome to find a priest to carry out rituals at home and offices. Ejyotish will provide a platform for the priests to promote their service and customers to find the priest who is closer to their locality through our app. Customers can take appointments for the priests who fit into their needs.

Ejyotish, a web portal is
fulfilling the below customer needs

Take online appointments of Priests and astrologers

Get advice from the astrologer for your life problems

Provide a platform for both the priests and astrologers to promote their services to the global target audience

Provide astrology services to the customers online

Provide a video chat option to the customers to talk to the astrologers and discuss the problems in-depth

Provide option for other advertisers to promote the products and services

Ejyotish for Astrologers

Ejyotish will have number of astrologers on its network to provide online help to customers on various religious and astrology requirements. Customers can take appointment and also request for their services online and seek help, guidance or suggestions from them.

Ejyotish will also provide facility to customers and astrologers to have video calling. Astrologer will work using mobile as well as web portal.

Panel Astrologers

Ejyotish will have set of astrologers on its panel to provide online help to customers on various religious and astrology requirements.

Customers can request for their services online and seek help, guidance or suggestions from Ejyotish panel. Services offered by Panel Astrologer will be chargeable.