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Graphic Design

Designing graphics for mobile devices is a challenge compared to desktop devices. Designers need to understand the complexities of working with mobile technology. There are many ins and outs to designing graphics for mobile devices. We’ve have in-depth knowledge of every little details of how mobile technology works which is crucial for making mobile apps and websites that wow your users.

Value proposition

Generally, a value proposition takes the form of a statement and is usually the first sentence out of the mouth. Its primary purpose is to communicate the benefits that the customer can expect from your offering.

A similar idea is an elevator pitch — when you distill your app concepts into an easy-to-remember, compelling and repeatable phrase. I have followed Jamie Levy’s value proposition formula in her book UX Strategy.

User Persona

Create a fictional representation of your ideal customer. It is a generally based on-user research and incorporates the needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns of your target audience etc


After I had a better understanding of user goals and behaviours, I have listed some key features of the app below in order to create low-fidelity wireframes.

  • Course list (sort by popular, nearby, upcoming, for you)
  • Search (filter by category, type, price range, location, rating etc.)
  • Instant message (for inquiry)
  • User Profile (gamification, to learn list)

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