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Digital Marketing

Starboard Technology is delivering the next-gen SEO (search engine optimization) and Digital Marketing Services for business promotion which is well known Digital marketing Company provides best in class Digital Marketing Solution all over the globe.

In the technology-driven world, traditional marketing campaigns are getting obsolete at a rapid pace. Digitalization has revolutionized the marketing pattern globally, and the enterprises have started shifting t0 digital marketing services because digital, online marketing or internet marketing helps companies target a specific audience in a cost-effective manner. What’s more, the digital marketing campaign can also be run to address a huge audience across the world while eliminating all the barriers of geography and language.

At Starboard Technology, our digital marketer are well-versed in utilizing the latest marketing trends and integrating various services like SEO, SMM,SMO, PPC, video, content, and E-mail marketing to get the optimum outcome. You can give your business a competitive edge with our effective, efficient, and comprehensive digital marketing services. We provide following digital marketing services.

We Provide you as below services:

Digital marketing strategies

  • (PPC)Pay per Click
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Bulk Sms Email Marketing

SEO services

Our Company is a well-known SEO service provider in Navi Mumbai and across the India. In the business to provide SEO services for over a decade. We don’t make any false promises or commitments. The expertise and commitment made by us has been tested the vibe of time. The various processes involved in such services include Keyword Research and Analysis, Technical Website Evaluation, On page SEO optimization, Off page SEO and Link building, Content Development and marketing, Social Engagement and E-commerce SEO strategies.

(PPC)Pay per Click

This type of marketing strategy has been implemented by Top Digital Marketing Company. Such strategy is empowered with a capacity to deliver instant traffic. These are complimentary to the existing digital marketing strategies. Recently, the concept has reached new era with introduction of various innovative and new features. Product images, consumer ratings, map information etc are some of these new ones. The experts with our company are trained to use a comprehensive and scientific approach to generate maximum ROI for all the PPC campaigns. Use of appropriate keywords, marketplace verticals and various business models have been helpful in deriving strategy backed by facts. Our Model PPC services include Reporting, Creation of copies, Paid Search Audit, Competitive Analysis, Keyword search and development, Google Analytics tags. Bid Management, Conversion Tracking Set-up and likewise.

Social Media Marketing

Currently, the theme of Digital marketing services seems null and void without Social Media Marketing. Such a process helps in putting the company in a reputable position in the eyes of Social Media Platforms. This technique also helps in tapping rich interactions that occur naturally in various Social Media platforms. These interactions reciprocate discussions about brand and conversation between a representative of the company and a customer. Such an effort can bring the marketing effort to next level. It also allows the implementer to create a strong brand identity on Social Media.

E-mail Marketing

Starboard Technology is an bulk email, sms marketing services company in Navi Mumbai that helps you to reach your customers via email.

Email marketing services we offer are designed to be more response so that it’s more profitable to our clients. Our email marketing campaigns are quicker and more responsive in impact. The USP’s:

  • 100% responsive
  • Creative designs
  • SEO integration
  • Real time statistics