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What programming language is used for Block chain?

Blockchain Technology has been regarded as a revolution ever since its inception. The term first came into existence in 2008 when its inventors, Satoshi Nakamoto devised the technology for the company Bitcoin. Since then it has taken over several online platforms, creating a niche in the world of technology through blockchain software platform. Let’s understand the mechanism and find out why it is a robust technology in present times and what it holds for the future.

What is Blockchain Technology?

The Blockchain technology in simple words allows the distribution of digital data without any information being copied. The data is stored across the networks and this reduces any risk of data centralisation making it a completely decentralised channel. This further eliminates concerns of hacking and information is linked through secure cryptography. The information is not limited to a single location and thus can be easily verified. It further reduces the chance of human errors, missed details and creates a mechanism that is backed by accountability. At Starboard, an Indian software company in Mumbai, we use this exact mechanism to bring to you the Next Generation Security Technology making us the Best software Development Company in Mumbai.

Programming Language

Since Blockchainfollows a decentralised architecture,it requires spot on programming skills. It’s important to know the programming languages like C++, Java, Python, Simplicity and Solidity. While the first three languages are common to programmers, the next two are exact to using Blockchain technology in web development and digital marketing. Yes, blockchain is used in the world of digital marketing and has opened new windows in this field. Starboard is also a Digital Marketing Company for Blockchain, which helps in eliminating the need of a middleman (a medium) which is usually present between the website owner and advertisers. We use blockchain to perform digital marketing giving website owners and advertisers a transparent system. It nullifies the use of any other medium to bring advertisers to the website,along with verified users and genuine clicks. This further helps in increasing the margins making this a cost effective system.

The Blockchain Technology

Blockchain further uses a fundraising mechanism called Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This helps projects to sell their original crypto tokens and exchange it for Bitcoinand Etherium (digital coins in cryptocurrency). When dealing with blockchain technology, one must know how to facebook marketing on ICO and Starboard guides you with that. Facebook provides its expansive user base as a medium that helps promoting cryptocurrencies and informs people about the current ICO.

By offering custom software development services in Mumbai, Starboard works on a technology that is moving at a fast and successful pace. The company uses all the latest software and works on the languages required to maser Blockchain programming. This secured and transparent platform paves a way into making present and upcoming websites technologically sound and secure. Using Pay Per Click or PPC blockchain, it further helps bridge gap between advertisers, web developers and the users adding more genuineness to the process of digital marketing and we development.